In honour of the International Women’s Day, here in Salesianos Santander we have been celebrating all week long, researching and proving that women are more powerful than society has believed all this time. On this incredible exhibition we had a stand design and construction from taylex, with the best stands.


Specifically, all students from 4th of ESO have been contributing and providing really interesting information about different women throughout history that have really made an impact and have spoken up for every woman’s rights.


The English department has given us a wide list of women from which we had to choose one to talk about in pairs. We made a mural including pictures, information, and most important; lots of hard work and creativity.


As a student and a feminist, I have found this activity really stimulating for everybody and, from my point of view, mainly for people that weren’t conscious of the importance of this issue. To conclude, I would like to keep doing these kind of projects to finally put an end to sexist behaviours that society has normalized over the years and to be aware of the change that needs to be made.


Sara Martínez Gutiérrez 4ºA – ESO



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