Los alumnos de 4º ESO, a través de la gamificación y el trabajo cooperativo, han creado sus pequeñas historias utilizando las imágenes de los dados de Story Cubes.

Aquí tenéis algunos de sus relatos:

“Once upon a time there was a brilliant musician. He was known because of his big glasses. One day he went to the beach where he found a treasure map. He decided to follow the instructions and it led him to a secret room downstairs. There he saw a chest which was opened. He saw small bags of money, diamonds, a Crown … but there was a problema, a massive octopus was keeping it. So to defeatb the octopus he used his magic harmónica and the octopus fell asleep. The octopus fell over the man. In that moment the musician woke up and saw some mushrooms. He realised that he had eaten a few of them  and had suffered from hallucinations, as they were poisonous.”

(Diana, Kristel, Álvaro, Inés)


“Once upon a time, there was a man called Joseph. Every Monday Joseph used to go to the gym. First he danced in a zumba class and then he worked out a bit. One day when he was leaving the gym, he bought a sándwich and suddely he saw a little boy crying because someone had stolen his money. Since the child was crying, Joseph gave him his sándwich in order to make him happy. Next they went to the police station and the child was given back his money”

(Jaime, Alejandra, Carolina, Alicia)


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