The Halloween Storytelling Activity

On Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of October, tenth graders from classes B and C went to pre-primary. They had prepared a special storytelling activity for 4 and 5 year old children, related to Halloween, to entertain them. At first Jose Ángel, the English teacher, divided the classes in groups of two or three students, that were allocated to groups of seven or eight children. The students brought some Halloween stuff, like skeletons, bats, spiders and other spooky monsters, that they put inside of mystery bags. While they were telling the stories, they took these things out of the bags and gave them to the children, to let them play with the toys. Some students also tried to teach them words that appeared in the book, so they could remember and apply them for next Halloween. At the end of the activity, the children got some sweets and some coloring pictures.

It was a great experience for all the participants, but mostly for the children. They had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. So, probably, we’re going to do it again next year!


Gloria Valentino (4ºC)



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